Broadcast Studio

We have built a broadcast studio inside our warehouse which can offer the following services:

  • Streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and many more including paid/ticketed platforms

  • Recording of live video and audio

  • Live streaming of solo acts, duos, bands with full mixed and processed audio

  • 18 channel with 6 way monitor mix

  • Single or multi-camera options to suit any budget

  • Backdrops, screens and sets

  • Broadcast of online debates/presentations with presenter monitors for comment streams

  •  Full office 365 suite with powerpoint

  • A huge range of lighting options both decorative and film

  • Choice of furniture ie sofas, stools, chairs, decoration

  • Changing room and make up facilities

  • Onsite word processing and printing

  • Refreshment facilities including ice machine and cooker


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