Streaming Services

Here at TMS AV we have several flexible streaming options. We can either come to site or bring you into our streaming studio.

We have the option to create single camera or multi camera streams with superior audio. Wether is a single room mic or multichannel processed audio, we have all you need to broadcast your event flawlessly. 


Wedding Live Stream

With restrictions as they currently stand only a small amount of guests can be present at your wedding. We can broadcast your ceremony or speeches to people who can't make your day. We can either use private links or streaming channels. Our camera operators and streaming technicians will be discreet on your day so you can concentrate on making memories.

We have the options to broadcast to larger screens in other venues.

We understand this is a difficult time for many when planning a funeral. We can stream sensitively to either a screen in another location or via private link so mourners can watch from home. 

We will be discreet and respectful on the day so as not to distract from paying your respects to your loved one.

Funeral Live Stream


Performance Live Stream

With venues operating at limited capacity, many live performances have been cancelled. You can take your performance online with us with full high quality audio and multi camera streaming. Full monitoring facilities available for the broadcast so your performance feels real.

We also have large screen monitors to you can interact with your audience via comments etc.

We have a range of lighting options, backdrops and lighting.

If you don't have a location for your performance why not bring it to our streaming studio.

Presentation or Interview

Live Stream

Will full facilities to broadcast all meetings, panel discussions etc. we can create a package for you that suits your requirements and budget. 

With comment feed monitors, presenter monitors, furniture and lighting we can create the perfect stream for you. 

We can link up between other venues and presenters in separate locations.

We can travel to your location or you can bring your event into our streaming studio.

When it comes to the audio capture and broadcast we have full mixing facilities and a range of discreet microphones from shotgun, lapel, and ambient.

With a variety of backdrop options the scenery will add compliment your message. Whether its plasma displays or interactive large screens you can be assured that we can be flexible in creating your own unique set.